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Safety Eyewear

Safety Eyewear

Kenmore Plaza Optometrist has a wide range of safety frames and lenses to protect you and your employees in the workplace.

Did you know that over 130,000 Australians seek medical assistance for eye injuries each year.60% of these injuries occur in the workplace.Some of these result in loss of vision or blindness.

Wearing appropriate eye protection in high-risk work areas can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Our eye safety frames and lenses are certified to Australian standards. We have a wide range of frames to choose from for both high and low impact protection. We use the latest in safety lens design technology to reduce peripheral distortion often created in a wrap around lenses.This ensures improved productivity and performance in the workplace while still being useful for everyday use.

Our prices are competitive and can be charged directly to the patient's health fund or to the workplace organisation.