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Contact Lens

Contact Lenses

Only a small percentage of Australians who need vision correction think about using contact lenses.  Its easier now than ever before to find the option that suits you.  Even if you need glasses only for reading, you may be able to try contact lenses.

If you have had problems with contact lens wear before, advances in technology have allowed the development of new designs of lenses which have the ability to stay moist in the eye and resist protein build-up.  This allows for more comfortable wear.

Medicare covers contact lens consultation fees only in certain circumstances.  In some cases, a $50 fee is charged for your consultation and trial lenses.


Commonly asked questions

Can contact lenses be made from a spectacle prescription?
No. Contact lens examination includes measurement of the shape of the eye, and health of the eye surface as well as the optical prescription.

Can I wear contact lenses all the time?
Many soft and hard lenses need to be removed and disinfected daily.Some lenses however are designed to be worn overnight. An eye examination will allow us to determine which contact lenses are best for you.

Can contact lense damage my eyes?
Contact lenses will not damage your eyes if you follow the wearing and replacement schedule and the cleaning and disinfection instructions we give you. Sometimes a problem can arise without you being aware of it, so regular consultations are essential. If you have any discomfort while or after wearing contact lenses you should stop wearing them and see us immediately.